Apache 2.4.7 Exploit

If you came here looking for an Apache 2.4.7 exploit, you have come to the right place. You will witness a full dedicated article to an Apache 2.4.7 vulnerability identified by CVE-2014-0226. You can find more information about this CVE here. Introduction Let us introduce ourselves to the Apache 2.4.7 itself before introducing ourselves

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FTPDMIN Denial of Service Exploit

Welcome. In this article, we will rediscover a Denial of Service vulnerability (CVE-2020-10813) in FTPDMIN and go through the process of how this vulnerability was discovered. The techniques you will learn can be applied for bug hunting on other services as well, so make sure to pay attention to what's being done. In this article

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CodeBlocks Security Vulnerability

Recently we have discovered a Buffer Overflow CodeBlocks vulnerability in version 17.12 that leads to Remote Code Execution. The vulnerability is identified by ID CVE-2020-10814. The vulnerability exists in the way the project files processed and requires basic user interaction. The vulnerability was discovered by manipulating CodeBlocks Project Files (file extension .cbp). After extensive

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